Your Website COMES FIRST... Its the place you have control over and it's the place you send people who are on social media to. If You are only on social media, you are competing against algorithms, specifically designed to distract people.

Once your website is built, you need to develop an offer (lessons, an album, a book, online learning) - Other parts of this site (especially the marketing area) will help you with this. 

Only then, is it worth taking time developing your social media strategy.

Your Website Address

Planning Your Website Map

Your About Page
No one cares about you (if they don't know you yet). 

Lead Magnets Build Your List Without The Hard Sell  
An essential part of any website is to give away free stuff to grow trust.

Plan Your Lead Magnet

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Creating Your Automated Lead Magnet With MailChimp £0!

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These videos are a mix of basic technical and strategy.
You'll find cross over in the
Productivity & Mindset Sections

In most cases, you should be running Facebook (business page) / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn - but use a service like Hootsuite / Meet Edger or your blog to post updates rather than get sucked in.

You should also batch content (set posts to schedule) where possible so you are only dealing with social media for an hour or so each week. 

Social Media - Be The Chess Player, Not The Chess Piece

How To Set Up Your Facebook Page

Facebook Without Facebook


Instagram Hacks