Musical Instrument Retailer / Manufacturer?

I help companies who serve musicians and creatives with business and marketing strategy and tactics.

Musical instrument manufacturers, retailers, music schools, recording studios, professional services.

What does that mean?

I'll work with you to...

• Make your website feel like you! Your shop, offices,,, Most businesses fail miserably when trying to recreate the level of engagement and service customers experience in person. When you get popular you simply don't have time to deal with people 1-2-1. 

• Create a deeper connection with your existing customers. (with something more exciting than a 'newsletter'). 

• Grow your customer base & list and create referral strategies. ie. Ensure people who already work with you, are keen to bring you more customers.

• Add credibility to you, by partnering with a other professionals (some of whom are already my clients).

• Develop your social media into something more than self-congratulatory 'noise'.