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The videos and tools in this section are designed to get you help you get clear on your specific challenges, remove procrastination and get' in the zone'.
There are also some videos in here that feature tools I have found to be helpful in getting things done. 

The Ultimate 'To-Do' List.

How Valuable Was Your Day? 1/2

How Valuable Was Your Day? 2/2

The Power Of Slack! 

Creating Videos For Potential / Exsisting Customers

Using Vimeo Plus (Paid) In Your Business
A good follow on from the video above

Delegate To Create

Social Media - Use it, before it uses you.

Freelancer Or Business Owner... Where Are You Now?

A Great Tool To Share Your Screen Shots / 5 Minute Videos without touching your hard drive.

 - If you use Google Chrome as a browser - also check out an app / plugin called 'Loom"

Quick Free Graphic Design Tool
... Remember - If it takes you more than 30 mins to an hour, it's most likely worth paying someone else to do it.

Free Animation Tool

Animation is great for explaining ideas. This tool is a good one.

Impress Early On

On Mac? Lost A Password?

Dropbox Is A Good Option If You Want To Sell Digital Stuff Online Without Using iTunes / Amazon?

If You Teach Online - The Logitec C920 Is A Good Bet - This Feature Not So Much.



Your Website COMES FIRST... Its the place you have control over and it's the place you send people who are on social media to. If You are only on social media, you are competing against algorithms, specifically designed to distract people.

Once your website is built, you need to develop an offer (lessons, an album, a book, online learning) - Other parts of this site (especially the marketing area) will help you with this. 

Only then, is it worth taking time developing your social media strategy.

Your Website Address

Planning Your Website Map

Your About Page
No one cares about you (if they don't know you yet). 

Lead Magnets Build Your List Without The Hard Sell  
An essential part of any website is to give away free stuff to grow trust.

Plan Your Lead Magnet

audio Block
Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn more

Creating Your Automated Lead Magnet With MailChimp £0!

PLEASE NOTE - LISTS are now known as Audiences in Mailchimp


These videos are a mix of basic technical and strategy.
You'll find cross over in the
Productivity & Mindset Sections

In most cases, you should be running Facebook (business page) / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn - but use a service like Hootsuite / Meet Edger or your blog to post updates rather than get sucked in.

You should also batch content (set posts to schedule) where possible so you are only dealing with social media for an hour or so each week. 

Social Media - Be The Chess Player, Not The Chess Piece

How To Set Up Your Facebook Page

Facebook Without Facebook


Instagram Hacks




How To Enter The Mind Of Your Customer

Once You Know WHO your customer is (you'll most likely have a few types) use this tool to get out of your own head and become them!


What Can You Offer That Is Low Cost To You But High Value To Your Customers?

Develop A Product/Service That Sells By Finding The 'Why'
Simon Sinek's Ted Talk (The Golden Circle) says 'People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it' - It's a great talk (around 18 mins) - Google it and watch it.
Since then, many have observed that 'People don't by what you do/make.. they buy WHY they need it'.

The Types Of Words You Use

A Hidden Gem In Amazon

If you have a book, an album or any type of 'product' this is a real gem.

Sell With Video

People Love Talking About Themselves
Use That Fact To Qualify Potential Customers




Planning Your Website Map - Do this on paper, before you touch a computer! 
Also found in the Website & Social section of this site.

Adding Pages To Your Squarespace Website




How To Add Event Dates & Publish To Social Media On Squarespace

Similar to posting a blog but a few tweaks to be aware of...

How To Use Galleries

Here's how to best import and use multiple sets of images on your Squarespace website.  (Excuse typo in video title)! 

Getting Outside Help

Remember - if you are on a basic plan, you may need to upgrade to have more than one other contributor. So If I built your site, you'll need to remove me to add someone. Just so you know... I'm ok with that. 

The Optional Bar At The Top Of Your Site That You Can Write And Add Links In






A new section where I add content inspired by my own learning and how I am helping people 1-2-1! 



This strategy works especially well if you have a new project or limited visibility and it requires no spend on ads.

It assumes you have your website and offer up and running - although you can start work if you are about to launch a website.

You must have a clear idea of WHO you help before you do this.

Many aspect of this strategy can be outsourced (especially the research phase). 

Case Study: Updated April 6th 2018



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