What happens next?


What happens when the show closes?

What happens when the students move on?

What happens when that contract doesn't work out?

Hi I'm Toby Goodman - I've been a client of Barry and Ben for almost 20 years!

I've never met them, but I always enjoy the feeling of handing over all that paperwork, knowing that they completely get who I am and what I do.

In the last 15 years things have changed a lot. Time does that right? 

These days, I'm more fussy about the work I do, yet I need to make more money than ever before because.. well, I have a couple of kids who seem to require regular maintenance! 

Over the last 4 years I've been helping musicians and creatives build their own thing (business).

Freelancers - guns for hire, including session musicians, teachers, and even dancers preparing to leave full time performance... 

These days, our work almost always starts with 'looking good online' whilst keeping away from being played by social media.

While I cant pretend to know about the challenges you are facing or the reasons why you might want to change how things are, I do know that most of us enjoy having something that we can call our own. 

Because you invest in MEAS each year, you know the value of having someone in your corner, who understands the challenges of this business.

In November, I have limited space to help some musicians and entertainers create a website.

December tends to busy and most of us tend to wake up half way through Janurary. 

Imagine if you were ready to go with a new project before all those people who are waiting to get started in the new year!

If you would like help refining or building your website, so that you can take more control over your life, I'd love to show you how... with absolute respect for the fact you'd rather be out there doing what you do best than stuck behind a computer.

Warmest regards,