How To Enter The Mind Of Your Customer

Once You Know WHO your customer is (you'll most likely have a few types) use this tool to get out of your own head and become them!


What Can You Offer That Is Low Cost To You But High Value To Your Customers?

Develop A Product/Service That Sells By Finding The 'Why'
Simon Sinek's Ted Talk (The Golden Circle) says 'People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it' - It's a great talk (around 18 mins) - Google it and watch it.
Since then, many have observed that 'People don't by what you do/make.. they buy WHY they need it'.

The Types Of Words You Use

A Hidden Gem In Amazon

If you have a book, an album or any type of 'product' this is a real gem.

Sell With Video

People Love Talking About Themselves
Use That Fact To Qualify Potential Customers