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The Business Of Music 1yr Membership 2019

By the time I was 32, I was sick of being on the freelance wheel of mystery, without knowing how long my gigs would last, even though I was working all the time.

I just didn’t feel in control of my life.

When I was home, I was worried where the next tour would come from and when I was away… I wanted to be home.

The last straw came when I was on honeymoon.
A newly married friend had died after a short battle with cancer. I got the news via phone on a beach in Thailand. Life is short.

Less than 48 hours after we got back home, I had to travel to another (much colder) country for 3 weeks, to get back on a tour that was musically and personally unfulfilling.

I stuck it out for a few more months, but then I did the unheard of. I quit a long running successful gig.

Putting myself in the position of having to make it work, gave me no other alternative. Not only that, we had a baby on the way!

In between pick up gigs, I ended up running a party band and picking up freelance gigs. We won a small government grant, for a business coach who opened the doors to a whole new world.

I learned the following.

You don’t have a business unless you can walk away and still make money.

This is a strange feeling in some ways because we enjoy playing music, but the truth is most of us will only LOVE some of what we do and end up doing the musical equivalent of stacking shelves between the gigs we love.

The coaching thing was the start of my journey to take control of my income.

But there were problems - We made loads of mistakes and our coach didn’t have a clue about how the music business worked.
He liked the idea of helping musicians, probably because it made him much cooler in the eyes of the plumbers and estate agents he was helping, but we needed more clarity.

In January 2014, I became a father for the first time and I lost my ability to guarantee a decent nights sleep! The pressure was on and I was barely making the mortgage.

After investing an incalculable amount of time reading books, thousands of hours of podcasts, audio books, and thousands of pounds on training on everything from mindset to marketing helped me find a way through. I had to translate everything I was reading from generic business and ask the question…”how does this apply to me as a musician”.
I would speak to musician friends and offer advice where I could. It got to the point where one of them asked me if he could pay me to help him

5 years later I have helped musicians

🖥 Build websites

📝 Market with confidence

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Create membership websites

🎤 Plan, record and monetise podcasts

🎵 Start local music groups

💰 Make home teaching practices more profitable

🎭 Set up projects and sell live events

Not only that, I have found that non-musicians started to take notice and really value the perspective I have as a musician. Then they started to pay me to help them too.

Last year I helped build a podcast company (podcraft) that was valued at over $1 million dollars and attracted investors in less than 9 months.

So it turns out I can work for non-musicians and make 10x more than pro musicians can afford to pay me (even the ones making over £100k a year).

But the fact is, I’m a musician. I always want to play music and I always want to help musicians most.

Over the years I have started to record videos on specific aspects of business with pro musicians in mind covering everything from confidence to graphic design and copy writing.

Anyway, that’s my story but I now want to turn the focus over to YOU.

The most important thing you need to know if you really want to take control of your career is you need to own assets. 

If you're a freelance musician, you're a business person and I’ll bet, the time and skills you have are worth way more than you think they are to the right people.

As a musician, you are highly intuitive and your skills are extremely valuable to musicians and non musicians alike.

Because there’s only so much time in my day,
I can’t take on any more 1-2-1 clients unless they are willing to invest at least £12,000 a year with me.

I know that level of investment is
unrealistic for even the most successful pro musician, so now I am changing my game, to ensure I keep helping pro musicians at an affordable level.

So right now, I am opening up my video vault to professional musicians I have helped in the past and am committing to creating at least one new training each month to help you create more positive change in your world.

PLUS: I’m keeping a private 1-2-1 coaching thread open to help you get the right things done!

I Will Help You...

✔ Get clear on how to improve your existing website

✔ Use automated email to harvest prospective clients/customers/fans

✔ Stay in touch with existing and past clients/customers/fans

✔ Find more clients with marketing tactics

✔ Free up time by designing automated systems from your diary to your teaching

✔ Get my 1-2-1 help for less than ever before

✔ Hire and train teachers and admin staff

✔ Create a website from scratch without needing to code (I’m an authorized Squarespace Trainer)

✔ Be a more employable musician

Join before April 3rd (TAX RELIEF) and I’ll help you for AN ENTIRE YEAR FOR less than £60 a month

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Why Should You Join me now?



MUSOS! If you’Re ready to put an hour or more aside each week and you really want to give yourself the best chance of HAVING FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR INCOME AND DIARY… THIS IS FOR YOU.


Will paying you for this, get me a record deal?

❌ No. But it could help you get to a place where you’re more attractive to record companies. Most of my clients tend to be professional musicians working for artists, rather than being the artists themselves. They are highly skilled established musicians who want to make a better a living, and don’t tend to want to be known. outside of the industry. You need to take some time to decide what you want now and what you want your future to look like. I have trainings that will help you.

I notice you use Squarespace, will your trainings still help me?

✅ Yes. Although I have extra tools on how to use squarespace, there are lots of trainings that will help regardless of what web platform you use.

I have an admin person/team. Can I just give them my log in?

❌ No. This price is for you only. If you want to give a team member access to they can do the training, you’ll need to buy a 2nd (discounted) login.

Can I get in touch if I’m really stuck?

✅ Yes! That’s why I’ve included a personal coaching thread. Ask me a direct question and I’ll answer it with a short but useful answer to move you out of procrastination.

What You’ll GET

✔️ 24-7 access to the video archives
✔️ New video training each month
✔️ Access to me via a confidential coaching thread via slack
✔️ A tax deductible expense that will give you a return on investment if you’re prepared to take action once a month… (unlike that 27th guitar, snare drum or plug-in that won’t help you get more work)!


“If you are in need of help to develop strategies, understand and take advantage of marketing, and to feel much more on top of your game, then I would have no hesitation in recommending you work with Toby”

— Simon Edgoose |

With Toby’s guidance, I was able to redesign my website and become more focused in my direction as a musician. He helped me see the areas of my business which are personal and unique to myself, giving me plenty of ideas on ways to develop them. Thank you!

— James Pusey | Pro Guitar Player and Teacher

Focus and increased bookings

— Julia Harrison | Pro Sax Player and Event Pro

A professional musician with excellent business knowledge, Toby has a wealth of advice for freelance musicians who run their own businesses”.
- Anna Croad | Pro Violinist and owner of Blue Topaz Music

Get Instant Access To

Over 30 videos covering the most requested topics from musicians I’ve helped to build a better business

✔️ Mindset tools
✔️ Recommended reading and listening keeps you focussed
✔️ Planning productivity systems and tools
✔️ Website and offline marketing strategies
✔️ Me… in a private coaching message thread


As an existing or past client you can save £300 invest just £699, and get instant access for a year.

Act now - The price goes up to £999 on April 4th, 2019 - no exceptions

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ONLINE Member Benefits


Growing Online 'How To' Resource

includes videos on:

• How to Be More Productive
Find Your Ideal Customers
Create Your Stuff!
Sell Your Stuff!
• Take advantage of social media

Private Coaching

A professional environment where you can:
Ask me questions directly in confidence


I love connecting people, and many of my clients now work with each other.

I’ll also get you best rates on social media and other marketing services you may need when you’re ready

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