A New Direction In Movement

From Professional Dancer To Choreographer & Movement Director.

The Challenge

Nicky Griffiths always knew she would one day quit performing on the west-end stage and establish herself as a choreographer and movement director. 

Credited with a string of world famous west end shows to her name, she left performing full-time, at the very top of her game.

Having won financial support from DCD (Dancer’s Career Development) Nicky was able to invest in retraining and a ‘re-brand’.

The New Website

With a quick Skype chat, I was able to get clear on what Nicky wanted from her website. Because every creative industry has different quirks, it was important for me to understand how she wanted to present her new identity - whilst subtly maintaining her credibility as an experienced creative.

Nicky chose ‘Site In A Day’.

Here's how it worked

Before the day we met I…

  • Built the framework and pages of Nicky’s new site.
  • Walked her through exactly what she needed to do to via a private message service to avoid any emails!

Before the day we met, Nicky sent me…

  • Images / Video she wanted on her site.
  • Examples of websites she like the look and feel of.
  • Some ideas of the text.


    Thanks to Toby’s brilliant system of teaching me how he’s building my site (and videos in case I forget!) I can adjust my website and update it whenever I need to. And as a self-employed choreographer, this is vital. I love my design. It’s super sleek and easy to use. And Toby has been on hand whenever I have needed him to make tweaks and adjustments until I’m 100% happy with how it looks!
    — Nicky Griffiths, 2017
    Screen Shot from Nicky's Mobile Friendly Website www.nicky-griffiths.com

    Screen Shot from Nicky's Mobile Friendly Website www.nicky-griffiths.com

    During our day we:

    • Fine-tuned the text and language on Nicky’s site.
    • Decided on final fonts and layout. 
    • Ensured all the pages and forms worked.
    • Created a blog, so Nicky could publish news.
    • Connected her site to social media platforms.


    • Had a lovely pub lunch.

    Is 'Website In A Day' right for you?

    'Website in a day' is perfect if you are:

    • Just starting out online and working to a budget.
    • Want the basics of your website built.
    • Need a little help with the technical side of things but are keen to get the know-how to keep it updated.

    When You Choose ‘Website in a Day’ you’ll:

    • Get full training videos
    • Have control over your website (from when it goes live, to updates etc).
    • Save around 75% compared to a complete site-build.

    Want to find out more about how I can help you build your website in a day?

    Toby Goodman