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The First Tool Musicians Can Use To Find People Who Give A S***

In a world full of so many people, it’s highly unlikely you care about me or what I have to say. 

So what makes you think anyone cares about you, or what you have to say?

Don’t walk off the nearest cliff yet though, because… it doesn’t matter.

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Make yourself at home. 

You only have to matter to a small group of people.

In my last blog ‘The Last Of The Superstar Musicians & Whats In Your Fridge’ I wrote about the end of the superstar era and the new opportunity that is staring us in the face every day.

Today, I‘ll address the specific thing you must accept to enable you to get down to it and stop with your reasons why it’s not what you'd hoped… blah blah excuses.

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The Last Of The Superstar Musicians & What’s In Your Freezer.

Do you agree with the following?

'From the perspective of album sales and tickets sold, its safe to say… We will never see another U2, another Bowie, another Michael Jackson, another Beatles'.

Not because there isn’t the talent there. It’s just that for a long time, record labels haven't invested time and money in: 

  1. Developing artists
  2. Mass marketing.

Investing in prime time TV ads gives little return these days because most of us don’t tune in the way we used to. The only exception perhaps being, major sporting or political events.

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How Musicians Are Taking Ownership Of Their Market By Giving First!

Simon Edgoose is a professional musician.

His one thing? He is one of the (if not THE) most in demand expert in electronic drums. Until a few years ago he was only working behind the scenes.

As one of my first coaching clients, my task was to get him online!

His site, was born out of his brilliant ability to help drummers with their electronic drums. He’s hired by the worlds most respected drummers and bands...

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Why Multi-Talented Musicians, Shouldn’t Shy Away From Their ONE THING.

If you’re used to providing artists, producers, musical directors and students with a variety of options, it can be tough to know how to stand out when you are looking for more gigs or moving up a level.

Professional guitarist James Pusey came to me because he wanted to update his website, but he wasn’t sure where to start. 

He had an old Wordpress site, but it wasn’t mobile friendly and it was out of date...

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‘Just in Case’ or ‘Just in Time’?

Just in case’ learning happens at schools, colleges and universities all over the world and for most people, I don't believe it works.

Once the class is over, even the most focused students find it hard to retain all the information… especially when there is no immediately clear reason, to know what’s being taught. 

When I was teaching music at university in London, I always found it ludicrous that my 'songwriting' students would arrive at 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon...

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