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More money in less time is the dream, but most people just don't know where to start. 

If you're a freelancer looking to move away from working every hour to keep up with demand, you will burn out.

In this video I'll show you a simple way to move smoothly from gigging freelancer to business owner.



Have you ever felt trapped, despite being your ‘own boss’? 

It's quite a common thing with a freelancer and the problem is that if you are doing kind of well as a freelancer, or you're generating work as a freelancer. The idea of getting a job can be a bit of a shocker... 

But when you think about it if you're working every single hour then perhaps getting a job is actually the right thing to do - because at least you know a certain amount of money is going to come in. You're going to get a certain amount of holiday pay and all that kind of stuff. Is it better to have a job, ultimately? 

For some people it is - but there's absolutely no way on earth that once you've realised that you can make all of the money, that you're prepared to spend your life making someone else (making a business owner) money right? 

And yet you can be trapped in this kind of horrible cycle of having to work all hours god sends, doing your thing. 

So most freelancers business models are kind of like this... 

You get the inquiry, you qualify them and if if they're a 'yes', if they become a customer... They buy your time. It's quite simple. 

And the problem with that we all know is that you can't scale. After you reach a certain amount of time, you simply cant work any harder and you'll burn out - if you're doing well youre burn out and it's a very high risk strategy. 

But actually there are other people in your life, that you meet that you don't work with and will call them the 'No's'. 

And what happens to the 'No's' is that they disappear down a black hole. You decide you don't want to work with them. They decide they don't want to work with you -it could be a money reason, it could be times don't line up and they just disappear down a black hole. 

So when you think about your website, and you think about what the number one job of your website is; most people would think that it was about getting a booking from a stranger from someone that doesn't know you and essentially to brag about yourself, to brag about your achievements. 

And while it's nice to get bookings from people that don't know you. It almost never happens and secondly bragging about yourself - which especially artistic types do a lot because they don't know what else to do. 

It's a bit of a shocker really and it doesn’t work. So a lot of people have websites. 

They may as well not have them they're not worth the webspace they are written on. Which is more up to date version of that phrase! 

So really the number one job of your website is this. 

It’s to, Get Leads. 

So lets think about that model and lets think about the black hole in your website. 

Because really the answer to your problems as a freelancer and into growing a sustainable business, lies where those 'No's' are, because of course you can develop a relatively successful business as a freelancer selling your time for money. But it is never a business .  

Don't kid yourself that you have a business unless you have something going on. Those 'No's' are were I believe lie a lot of your hidden hidden potential to make some cash. 

So what we need to do what your website needs to do is turn the 'No's' into 'Know' and then ultimately into 'Yes'. And what that looks like is those 'No's' then become if you look here you can see that you can show those 'No's' other options. 

You need to make sure that you have a product you can offer them which is basically a down sell of your time - but its also something that they can access without you having to be there. 

And you could also have a service you have a one-to-many kind of service. 

So rather than selling your time one to one to people (if thats what youre doing) you can have combination of a product and a combination of a service, that will help people more than one at a time. 

And of course thirdly, it's 'keep in touch'. 

You keep in touch with people and thats how we turn them into people who know you and the age old phrase that goes around the Internet these days is that we turn people from a 'cold' (lead) into people that 'know you' they 'like you' and they 'trust you'. 

And really I believe that this part of your business, is where the lifeblood is. Hence the red line! I'm clever that way. 

So this whole section is about nurturing the  ' No's' and constantly keeping in touch with them, so that when they're ready. Yeah you've got a product and a service that they can buy that they dont have to invest as much money in and ultimately when they're ready. 

If you've done a good job and if you want to, they can buy your one to one time. 

Having said that you might choose to go on holiday for a couple of months, knowing that you can make some money from an income stream that's automated. Right? 

So what your website needs to do is it needs to address the types of people that you help. 

If you're a freelancer doing various bits and bobs just like I am you will most definitely have more than one type of customer, so it's really important that that 'a' 'b' and 'c' are dealt with in different ways, through your website. 

They get to a form, they submit the form whether it's a 'no' or a 'yes' they end up on a list and then from there you can create offers and you can create some sort of harvesting sequence where you are just helping them get to know you. 

I would absolutely recommend that you use MailChimp lists to put those inquiries and customers into those buckets. 

The reason why I say MailChimp, right now is because it's free and it's really easy to use. 

You can also trust that Im not on commission for MailChimp that is something that the majority of my clients use to start to harvest their list when they’re looking to do this stuff. 

If you would like to find out more about how to build a website that helps to earn you and gain some trust and harvest those 'No's' and along with a bunch of other stuff, you can just simply drop me an email at 

Toby Goodman