Alfred Hitchcock Up Your Message


How many times do you read something and then close a window? 

How many times do you read a Facebook status and ignore it? 

How many times do you look at an email and say, 'I'll respond later'?


All the time I imagine. I know I do. 

So what happens and how can you change the way that you write copy so that when you are writing words on any of these platforms... People respond. They take action. 

Hi there I'm Toby Goodman from and today I'm going to be talking to you about how to improve your copy.

Sharpen it up and make sure that you aren't falling into the trap that 99.9% of other people who are writing anything are falling into all the time. 

So number 1 rule is the 'Do' rule. 

Any time you write anything, regardless of whether it is your website your social media stuff or email. 

When you write something if you're being super productive, you're thinking about 

Why I'm writing this? 


What do I want the person reading it to do? 

So when I am writing copy for a web page, I'm thinking about asking someone to 'download the freebie' or whatever it might be, or 'contact me'.

When I am writing my statuses on social media I might be asking someone to 'click to discover' more to go somewhere, to read something else and ultimately to go to my website... if I am playing the social media game properly. 

And finally, if I'm writing an email to someone (if I've got that deep into a relationship that we're actually sharing emails)... What do I want them to do?

I want them to reply. So when I'm writing I'm thinking about do so 'do' is your first filter. 

However the second filter, I'm going to talk to and again about the story about Alfred Hitchcock. 

Apparently he had his screenplay his script on one hand, and next to it had another document another almost another script and apparently in that script next to each scene he had a whole ream of things that were just about what he wanted the viewer of the film to be feeling at the time that something was happening on screen.

Regardless of whether it was fear or relief for happiness or whatever it was. 

How do you think that filter the 'feel filter' will help you write copy? 

I.e. What do I have to feel? What does someone have to feel to make the next action? 

Regardless of whether its downloading your thing on your website, regardless of whether it is - taking the action on Facebook or replying to the email. 

What do they have to feel to reply to you? 

Next time you write something just take a moment not just to think about what you want them to do, but how they need to feel before they do it. 

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Toby Goodman