How Musicians Get Noticed

When Alice Cooper’s manager Shep Gordon couldn’t afford to advertise an upcoming gig in London, he staged one of many famed outlandish stunts.

Alice Cooper Bus.jpg

He organised a breakdown of a truck in London’s busy Piccadilly Circus, displaying a huge nude photo of the singer with a python hiding his private parts.


The result? Far reaching curiosity and outrage, ticket sales and media attention that no amount of ‘traditional’ marketing would have been able to generate.


Remarkable creativity often comes from being constrained in one or more ways. In Shep’s case, not having funds to pay for newspaper ads etc. constrained him to take a different approach.

In his book, ‘Anything You Want’, musician and founder of CD Baby, Derek Sivers, talks about how having little or no money when you start is an advantage.
He sold it for $22 Million Dollars.

What could you do that would cause outrage in your area of music?

Not comfortable with outrageous? Try… Newsworthy.

While copying past stunts probably won’t give you the same results, modeling the thinking behind them, can help you create your own newsworthy and remarkable message.


You’ll notice I use the word ‘remarkable’ often. It’s Seth Godin’s fault. He wrote a short book called ‘Purple Cow’. The book is all about how you can be remarkable and how many others have achieved great success by being remarkable.

Yes, ‘Purple Cow’ is a business book, it’s also a book full of examples of art and music. If your serious about making your own thing work, I suggest you read it or listen to Seth read it to you, on the Audible app.




As for Shep. There’s a fascinating documentary film about him on Netflix called ‘Super Mensch’ and a long interview with him on Marc Maron’s Podcast, WTF (episode 758).


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