THE TRUTH: How Freelance Musicians Can Get Money Right Now 

If you’re in a position where there is simply not enough work coming in, regardless of whether you’re freelance playing, teaching, doing shows or work for your band… It’s really easy to dive into your website, SEO, Facebook ads and hope that things are going to be fixed quickly.

The truth is (unless you are incredibly lucky) they are not going to be fixed that way. Online done right is brilliant, but it’s a long-term strategy.

You still have to take someone (who has ‘googled’ X type of band, X type of teacher or X type of musician) through a 3 step process.

  1. Know You
  2. Like You
  3. Trust You

= Buy from you / Hire you.

It works, but it takes TIME. So… this whole internet thing isn’t the best way of getting money into your business RIGHT NOW.

Yes.. get involved in online, especially when you are looking to scale up what you’re doing, but don’t get dragged down by the internet unless you use it to do this ONE THING.

The best way of getting money into your business right now is to…


If you are a teacher, contact ex-students and find out how they are doing, find out if they’d like to come back.

If they loved what you did but don't have any work for you, ASK FOR A TESTIMONIAL!

If they loved you and do know people who you could help… ASK THEM FOR A REFERRAL. 

Perhaps they have any other family members/friends they think would also enjoy ‘piano lessons’. 

Perhaps they have friends who need a band for their wedding.

Perhaps they know an MD who really needs your guitar skills.

There are simple and very short, non-slimy ways of approaching all this stuff. 

So long as you are sure you did a good job. People will be pleased, sometimes even happy to hear from you.

Let's say you invested in a holiday… If someone called you within a few months from the travel agent, asking how you were and if you had a good time… Would you be offended? You'd probably be happy to hear from them. Life gets in the way..., especially after a holiday. People are busy.

If it was an amazing trip… perhaps you might even take them up on a special deal they have for previous customers. 

You’d at least be willing to write a positive Trip Advisor review if they sent you a link, right? Especially if that Travel Agent was super helpful and running a great local business.

Who will you reconnect with today? 

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Toby Goodman