Do You Have A Social Media Split-Personality?

We learn how to walk before learning where to walk, how to talk before we understand how to choose our words.

As musicians, we learned how to play before what to play. It took a while for me to understand the value of silence in music.

As we grow, we become acutely aware that ‘less is more’ and leaving space for others to be heard is crucial.

So why do we often forget this when hiding behind our computer and phone screens? 

This week (in the land of self-promotion) I’ve seen a world-class musician (who I know personally to be a very well-meaning character), upset a group of what could be his perfect customers (amateur musicians keen to learn and hang out with pros). 

His mistakes?
- Forgetting whose ‘house’ he’s in (someone else’s Facebook group).
- Not showing interest in members of the group before showing them what he has to offer (excellent albums and educational resources).
- Sharing too much info about himself too soon.

The result? Complaints to the group admin.
He came across as smug and arrogant. 
Not his Facebook page. Not his fans. Not what he’s really like…. But about 1500 won’t know that like his friends do.

Telling the world about you, when they are not asking, is a mistake. Being anything less than who you would be when you’re a room with people could be dangerous.

Be Appropriate

Ted Talk guru Julian Treasure talks about the importance of knowing that you are speaking to ‘a listening’.eg: You wouldn’t take your bank manager to a building site to discuss your mortgage deal. You wouldn’t propose to someone at a funeral. The environment has to be right.

When we are selfless and help people online they want to know more about you.
99% of the time, this means remembering that these are people, not targets to market to. 

Remember… Change is incremental. 

You know the quality of choices you make as a musician changes over time. It doesn’t matter how fast you get your technique together, real-life experience is the only the thing that will help you make more musical choices.

Marketing and selling our stuff is no different.

The quality of choices you make about who you communicate with will also change. 

Use the lock on your front door.

This week, I deleted Facebook from my phone because I’m wasting too much of my time on it, when I could be, working or being present with my family and friends.

New Year, New You? 

What moves will you make to ensure you know the people you want to speak to, want to listen? (Research will save you a lot of time).

If your first objective is to let people know about YOU - you are effectively cracking a nut with a sledgehammer. 

Creating a human connection by being valuable, is priceless.

I coach professional musicians and creatives how to create and grow businesses. Just like mastering an instrument, the change is incremental.

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Wishing You A Happy New Year,


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