Art Matters

It's not often I post on Facebook. When I do, it's normally a few lines. The following ended up being an out of character long post in response to some of my musician friends highlighting Mental Health Awareness Day.


Q: Do I avoid posting on facebook because I care too much about what people think who I:
1) don't really know, 
2) don't really know me?

A: Who cares?!

About 'Mental Health Awareness'

My musical and creative 'Facebook friends' and... my real friends... If I was in a room with you today I would say the following...

A Reminder:

Creative people matter. 
Art matters. 
We often don't see the value of our work and are prone to self-doubt. 
And that shit... leads to the horrible issues, I've been reading about a lot today. 
Some of you have written things I never imagined I'd see you write, and I'm knocked out by what you're managing to articulate about the human condition.

In most cases, I believe the best medicine is a combination of hard work and strong relationships. 
Facebook seems to help us avoid the former and often degrades the later.

We alone are responsible for both and it can seem impossible to deal with when this very platform and ones like it, suck so much of our time and energy.

We must be aware and help those who were born into the smartphone era.

The good news is, you don't have to wait around to get the call.

You already had it.


About these blogs that I write.... If one thought or idea helps you do something positive, it's done its job. 
You'll never know if you don't read it...

Noone said it was easy. 
No-one said you had to do it all by yourself.

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Toby Goodman