Alfred Hitchcock Up Your Message

How many times do you read something and then close a window? 

How many times do you read a Facebook status and ignore it? 

How many times do you look at an email and say, 'I'll respond later'?
[With video]...

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Toby Goodman
Do You Have A Social Media Split-Personality?

We learn how to walk before learning where to walk, how to talk before we understand how to choose our words.
As musicians, we learned how to play before what to play.It took a while for me to understand the value of silence in music. As we grow, we become acutely aware that ‘less is more’ and leaving space for others to be heard is crucial.
So why do we often forget this when...

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Are Pro Musicians Measuring Success Wrong?

If you’re like 99% of professional musicians, you know others who are busier than you. 

They perform more and record more. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with, especially when things are quiet.

When you ask these musicians how they are, they will probably have one of 3 reactions...

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Toby Goodman
Art Matters

Q: Do I avoid posting on facebook because I care too much about what people think who I:
1) don't really know, 
2) don't really know me?

A: Who cares?!

About 'Mental Health Awareness'

My musical and creative 'Facebook friends' and... my real friends... If I was in a room with you today I would say the following...

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Toby Goodman
The First Tool Musicians Can Use To Find People Who Give A S***

In a world full of so many people, it’s highly unlikely you care about me or what I have to say. 

So what makes you think anyone cares about you, or what you have to say?

Don’t walk off the nearest cliff yet though, because… it doesn’t matter.

Still reading? 


Make yourself at home. 

You only have to matter to a small group of people.

In my last blog ‘The Last Of The Superstar Musicians & Whats In Your Fridge’ I wrote about the end of the superstar era and the new opportunity that is staring us in the face every day.

Today, I‘ll address the specific thing you must accept to enable you to get down to it and stop with your reasons why it’s not what you'd hoped… blah blah excuses.

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The Last Of The Superstar Musicians & What’s In Your Freezer.

Do you agree with the following?

'From the perspective of album sales and tickets sold, its safe to say… We will never see another U2, another Bowie, another Michael Jackson, another Beatles'.

Not because there isn’t the talent there. It’s just that for a long time, record labels haven't invested time and money in: 

  1. Developing artists
  2. Mass marketing.

Investing in prime time TV ads gives little return these days because most of us don’t tune in the way we used to. The only exception perhaps being, major sporting or political events.

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How Musicians Get Noticed

When Alice Cooper’s manager Shep Gordon couldn’t afford to advertise an upcoming gig in London, he staged one of many famed outlandish stunts.

A breakdown of a truck in London’s busy Piccadilly Circus, displaying a huge nude photo of the singer with a python hiding his private parts...

The result? Far reaching curiosity and outrage, ticket sales and media attention that arguably no amount of ‘traditional’ marketing would have been able to generate.


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9 Reasons Why This Musical Instrument Manufacturer’s Product Launch Email Won’t Work

This is about how most musical instrument manufacturers are doing the bare minimum to help prospects (potential customers) make a choice. 

Below is a mock up of an email I was sent from a musical instrument manufacturer who recently decided not to invest in my services. Instead, they chose to carry on the same as they always have.

I’m comfortable with the fact companies like this will never hire people like me but will continue to hire people on price, not value.

Did I ask for too much money? Or… will it cost them more to not hire me?

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Only The Best Musicians Can Create More Of This...

I carried massive tension around about being a ‘great player’. 

It disappeared completely when someone whom I believe to be a great player, said the following to me:

“You can’t be everyone’s favorite drummer”.

Vanished. Gone! I can think of 3 people who think I’m the best drummer in the world. They all live in my house and none of them ever give me gigs. Two of them are under 4 years old.

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Are These 2 Reasons Why Some Musicians Are More Prolific Than Others?

What separates the one hit wonders from the musicians who churn out great work time and again?

While you could argue that the big record companies with marketing departments decide the fate of artists, we also know that there are a number of artists and bands who have had significant touring careers. Careers riding on the back of as little as one ‘hit record’, whilst others have many purple patches of productivity...

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How Musicians Are Taking Ownership Of Their Market By Giving First!

Simon Edgoose is a professional musician.

His one thing? He is one of the (if not THE) most in demand expert in electronic drums. Until a few years ago he was only working behind the scenes.

As one of my first coaching clients, my task was to get him online!

His site, was born out of his brilliant ability to help drummers with their electronic drums. He’s hired by the worlds most respected drummers and bands...

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Why Multi-Talented Musicians, Shouldn’t Shy Away From Their ONE THING.

If you’re used to providing artists, producers, musical directors and students with a variety of options, it can be tough to know how to stand out when you are looking for more gigs or moving up a level.

Professional guitarist James Pusey came to me because he wanted to update his website, but he wasn’t sure where to start. 

He had an old Wordpress site, but it wasn’t mobile friendly and it was out of date...

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THE TRUTH: How Freelance Musicians Can Get Money Right Now 

If you’re in a position where there is simply not enough work coming in, regardless of whether you’re freelance playing, teaching, doing shows or work for your band… It’s really easy to dive into your website, SEO, Facebook ads and hope that things are going to be fixed quickly.

The truth is (unless you are incredibly lucky) they are not going to be fixed that way...

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Toby Goodman
‘Just in Case’ or ‘Just in Time’?

Just in case’ learning happens at schools, colleges and universities all over the world and for most people, I don't believe it works.

Once the class is over, even the most focused students find it hard to retain all the information… especially when there is no immediately clear reason, to know what’s being taught. 

When I was teaching music at university in London, I always found it ludicrous that my 'songwriting' students would arrive at 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon...

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