Your Road Map

Ultimate Long Term Goal

To be recognised as a Jazz singer and commercial success

6 Month Goal

To book events post recording within 6 months

3 Month Goal

Organise and start your project


Create assets: Website build + Record EP

Anando Site (1).png

YOUR Tactics

Get Arrangements - Callum
• Create between 4-8 arrangements for septet but easily scale down to a quartet
• Conduct on studio tracking date

Hire A Record Producer - Darren
• Arrange and plan studio tracking day
• Mix selected tracks
• Master selected tracks at Abbey Road

Contract Musicians - Callum & Darren

⏺ Record

Tracking day Mid may - Mid June

🖥 Mixing / Mastering

June / July

🎤 First Shows / Gigs

August / September

💻 Website Build / Initial Stages Planning and Marketing - Toby

• Build your commercial ‘shop window’ that will have a newsletter sign up so you can build your list of fans.

• Work with you to create a narrative that helps sell your story as the Indian opera singer turned back to his jazz roots,

• Give you complete access to update and edit once the site has been built.

• Link your website to social media.

You’ll Also Get

💻2x Skype meeting calls per month - these typically last around 1-1.5 hours - happy to have these with other team members,

📱A private Slack message channel with a tried and tested focus sheet system (I suggest a team channel)

🎬 Access to my online membership videos, so you can keep momentum between calls - I’ll direct you to what might be most useful.

👨🏻‍🏫 Appropriate introduction to my network of clients and contacts

🔄 Where appropriate, I’ll also work alongside the team to ensure congruency at all times


How Your Website Will Work For You

Using the automated email, you can send messages to people who want to hear from you, when they want to hear from you.

Lets say people listen to your music at 3am on a Wednesday morning and need more Anando in their life, they’ll be able to instantly get more on your website.

Cold ➡ Warm 🛁

🎧 They Listen 👩‍💻 They go to your website 🎁 They give their email for your free gift (behind the scenes interview from the tracking day)

Result: You have permission to communicate with them

Warm ➡ Hot 🔥

📩 They are kept updated with new gigs and other news. 💌 They love what you send 😍They are happy to get offers for new gigs and releases.

Result: You build a fan base who want to help you become a star.

Hot ➡ “Shut-up And Take My Money” 💰

Every time you put an offer out, a % of your list of fans will be ready to buy. From £5 gig tickets to £10 albums to £200 private singing lessons to £10,000 private events.
You can test what works over time. What works will change over time too.

For credibility reasons…. Check out my results’ page. HERE on my business website ‘Listen Better Marketing’

You can check out blogs and case studies on this site too!

Your Investment for March - April - May

I only want to work with you if you’re a “hell yeah”

If you’re ready to get this show on the road with my help I require payment of £3500 on or before March 4th 2019. The ultimate deliverable is a website you own and complete control over the asset.

If we both want to work together June-August for the launch - my fee will be £1000-1500 for 2 x monthly calls over 3 months.

This is an introductory offer and right now while I’m not vat registered so you’re immediately saving 20%

Your time! You also need to invest a minimum of 8 hours a month implementing the strategies and tactics.

You should also account for
1. Ongoing hosting charges from the company I use to build and domain name payments (£200-300 per year approx).
2. Video and photographs. I have contacts in this area and will help you negotiate best rates.

Your return on investment.
The truth is.. Jazz in the UK doesn’t have a great reputation of paying. BUT you are unique and you can be the outlier. Commercial success in the UK does happen and we all know… story sells.
I believe you have a team who can help to put you in the right place at the right time.
A few gigs through the right event agent in India could easily pay for your entire investment.
The well established 80/20 rules says 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts.
My job is to ensure you’re capitalising on all attention giving you a competitive advantage.

I love musicians most.

Non-musicians invest £5000 for sites and my monthly coaching packages start at £3000 for 3 months.

Having spoken with you, I’m confident I can help you get rubber on the road and give you momentum in the early stages.

Ready to get started?